Problem Solving Ability (PSA)

Abacus Learning Of Higher Arithmatic

“Abacus learning is an established, internationally acclaimed, revolutionary and Innovative fun filled method for leaning arithmatic to boost a child’s mental development. It results in not only improving the child’s ability to solve mathematical problems but also enhance the child’s attention span, memopry, analyzing power, observation, listening and logical reasoning, thus leading to an all round development.

Vedic mathematics

Vedic mathematics is a list of sixteen basic sutras, or aphorisms, presented by a Hindu scholar and mathematician, Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja, during the early part of the 20th century.[1] While its author claimed it to be a system of mathematics, this is not generally accepted, and it is more generally regarded as a set of strategies for calculation. These are said to be creative and useful, and can be applied in a number of ways to calculation methods in arithmetic and algebra, most notably within the education system. To enhance the calculation and basic in mathematics, the students are acquainted with sutras of Vedic Mathematics. It increases the problem solving ability of students.

As per CBSE instruction, students have to go through PSA Test. Vedic & Abacus Learning improve their Problem solving ability.